House Projects: 2014 in Review

This was a big year for house projects although I didn’t post many. But this is what we accomplished:

IMAG0798 IMAG0832 IMAG1013

  • Finished the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom, which means after five years the bathroom project is finally, completely done!
  • Had two windows in the guest room and one in the office replaced with Lindal double-hung because they were leaking (not to mention that all the windows in the house have these terrible aluminum inserts inside the double-hung sash, so they sweat and mold. Uck.)
  • Built a nursery in the second bedroom upstairs and put the closet back together (that I had torn out to put lighting in the stairwell in 2011). My father-in-law helped a lot with this especially with the drywall tape-and-mud and building in some shelves.
  • Add ceiling lighting to the basement office and generally restored it’s usefulness. (p.s. I now have a wonderful stand-up desk curtesy of my wife!)
  • Added an outlet to the second-floor hallway which makes vacuuming much easier.
  • We got a new front door and I replaced all the locks in the house (about time; there were so many keys out there).
  • Installed a railing on the stairway to the second floor. My father-in-law also helped get this installed, including coming up with a better mounting plan.

Oh, and then there was this project. 🙂



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