Loading Remote Images in a ListView on Android

So this appears to be a common challenge:

I have a list of items in my mobile application. Each item in the list contains an image and a title. The data for the list comes from a remote web service, RESTful interface or other Internet connection and the images are provided in a separate call. I want the list to be responsive, so I’ll load the list and then in a separate thread I will update the images in the list as they are loaded from the network.

I struggled with this on the BlackBerry where there was little similar code to go on, but got it working. I just finished an Android app and discovered that we had the same pattern. Trying to re-use my BlackBerry code I found that the UI patterns don’t translate (beyond frameworks, Android recycles views while it’s rendering to keep memory-use low).

There are lots of posts on the web about how to do this for the Android, such as this thread.

Unfortunately all of those ran into the same problem: Sometimes the images would load and sometimes they wouldn’t. Sometimes the images in the list would be the wrong one for the list item when rendered. And some solutions only rendered images that were off screen.

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