Rats in the Attic

A few years ago our dog got all wigged out in the fall and we realized it was because there were rats in the house. They don’t call it Rat City for nothing. I didn’t worry about it too much until they got out of the walls and into the living space. Then the war was on. And every fall I set out new traps and they leave (after I catch a couple).

Of course I also put heavy duty hardware cloth over anything along the roof lines that looked like a whole. This seems to have helped keep them out of the walls (the crawl space is a different issue).

IMG_0477While working on The Bathroom Project I found that in the crawlspace behind the tub wall was knob-and-tube wiring covered with old cellulose insulation (there’s a whole other post that I’ll devote to that some day). The insulation wasn’t doing much good and was clearly a fire hazard so L and I took a couple days to clean it out. That’s got to be the dirtiest job I’ve ever done.

While digging in the corners I found a huge rats nest. Not like a lot of wires together (there were a few of those). A real rats nest. It clearly hadn’t been used in years (since I plugged up their access holes) but it was still gross.


And of course the rats had decided that metal wires running through their nest were a nuisance so they chewed through them.

Yep, we had live, bare electrical wires sitting in cellulose insulation and whatever else the rats put in their nests. Now I’m not feeling so friendly about sharing my house with rats. Luckily this didn’t start a fire and luckily The Bathroom Project has expanded to a grade where I found this.


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